Day 17 – Like a Rock

Posted: January 19, 2012 in January
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I don’t want to use the word depressing lightly so I’ll just say that my complete inability to coordinate my arms, legs, head and lungs in a manner that would see me actually swimming is very disheartening. I went to the pool tonight with aspirations of putting some of the foundations in place – getting my breathing right initially, then my stroke, then my kicks etc but it’s a little bit hard when I don’t have a bloody clue what I’m doing.

I tried to go through some of the drills I remembered from the triathlon podcast I listened to yesterday on swimming for beginners, and so time after time I pushed off, face down in the water, legs thrashing away, then tried to bring my arms out of the water so as to propel myself forward. However by the time I managed one or two strokes I was gasping for air so had to stop to come up and breathe. So then I tried to forget about my arms and just lie in the water and roll my head from side to side and breathe but as soon as I rotated it to the side I filled up with water and had to come back up, coughing and spluttering. Then I tried just arm strokes but I basically just sank.

I tried them all again and again, all without success, and increasingly frustrated just tried to cobble them together and manage any sort of swimming but as with everything when you have no solid foundation in place the house will just crumble. I reverted to my bastardised breaststroke just to get something done but at this stage I was annoyed, fed up and getting a little angry. I admitted defeat and went to hide in the sauna for a while before going home to be a grumpy prick for the night.


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