Day 13 – Rack ‘Em Up

Posted: January 14, 2012 in January

I haven’t been at Crossfit since well before Christmas so it’s time to get off my arse and get back in there. It really is ideal strength and conditioning work for what I want to do so this morning I dragged myself out of bed and was sitting outside the gym at half six this morning ready to go. I was delighted to see that today was ‘just’ a strength day and an ideal way to ease myself back into it, or so I thought anyway. After the usual warm up it was 5×3 deadlifts with the weight getting progressively bigger and then 3×20 GHD* sit ups . I had started quite light on the deadlifts as it it was my first time doing them so did an extra set of reps and ended up doing 90kg for the last set. The GHD sit ups I had done once before so with visions of the best training montage ever in my head I launched into them. The first set I managed reasonably well but the second were a real struggle right from the start. I managed to finish them though and thankfully it was just about time to leave for work at that point so I didn’t even attempt the third, I  just hopped out of the torture rack and headed for the shower.

I had a minute or two to spare though so I thought I’d fit in a quick set of regular sit ups, but when I attempted to do my first absolutely nothing happened. I couldn’t move at all, which probably should have been an indicator that all was not well. Regardless, I felt absolutely fantastic on the way in to work and had another half salmon fillet and an enormous fruit smoothie as soon as I got in there. I did feel an amount of pain and stiffness creeping through my abdomen as the day went on but didn’t think a whole lot more of it.

I went over to the pool this evening to try to get some time in but there was a bloody aquafit session on so home I went and on to the turbo trainer. It really is a wonderful piece of kit and an absolute godsend for me in trying to do this challenge. I just brought it out into the kitchen, stuck on Off the Ball and set off on a good session, five minutes warm up then ten minute blocks of high gear and steady cadence for another forty minutes. more heavy work for for my quads and hamstrings. Between the hills last night, the deadlifts this morning and now the turbo session it’s a lot of hardship for these muscles but I just keep thinking of Spanker’s Hill or that absolute bastard of a climb in Sea2Summit and how horrible it felt having to get off the bike and push. Not this year. This year I’m going to be one of those people who everyone else looks at with grudging admiration as they pant and puff but grind their way all the way to the top. At the moment I can only imagine what it must feel like to get to the top of one of those hills while still on the bike but this year I don’t want to imagine, I want it to be a reality.

John Cafferty – Heart’s On Fire

*GHD Sit Ups

Oh and please note the warning at the start of this video. It will go some way towards ensuring you remain capable of movement in the immediate days following your workout.

  1. The first session back is always the worst. My hamstrings just wouldn’t budge at all last week.

    I am also incredibly lazy these days with the gym and stuff. I have been going for the best part of 15 years now and used to do loads of cardio and weights. Now I just do 22 minutes on the bike, stretches and some free weights.

    I got to spot the second-largest bloke down there on Friday though so I am obviously in with the cool kids. Well, I say kids but he is a fair bit older than me. And if he wanted to sit on my face there really wouldn’t be anything I could do about it.

    Awooga, F365, etc.

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