Day 11 – Haste, Speed and All That

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Structure. I think I need some. If I’m to stand any chance of completing this, or rather to do it successfully, I’m definitely going to need to put some structure on it. To that end I’m going to have to come up with a training plan very shortly otherwise I’m going to end up with lots of days like today.

Tuesdays are always very hectic for me in that we have training for the soccer team I coach at 18:00. Seeing as I leave work at 16:30 and it’s a 130km drive home I have to drive, shall we say quite briskly, in order to make it back on time, pick up my eldest son, gather whatever gear we need and then get to the pitch. It’s usually close to 19:30 by the time I make it back from that and I’m invariably starving so I usually eat dinner straight away afterwards which normally means I don’t train myself.  To try and avoid that today  I bought a sandwich (chicken on brown bread) to eat on the drive home as I knew I’d have to train after soccer as I didn’t get up in time to turbo it this morning. However, Brid had dinner ready as soon as we walked in from training and I’d forgotten about the whole training staight away thing so I tucked into some salmon, sweet potato and stir fried vegetables and was half way through before I remembered about training.

Not to worry, I thought I’ll just leave the rest aside, hop on my bike in half an hour or so and then polish off the rest of my dinner. In the interim though I popped in next door to see how Benny was getting on with his house renovations and ended up giving him a hand (kind of) with installing his kitchen until about 21:00 so it ended up being close to 21:30 before I was finally kitted up and starting my turbo session.

When I finally did get going though the session was great, the same forty five minute workout I’d done previously – start off in a low gear, five minutes warmup then work my way up through the gears, five minutes in each with the last minute flat out on the drop bars before a cool down at the end. It’s a hard session but the amount of work you get through in such a short space of time is fantastic, and I can see it being of huge benefit to me when I’m out on the road. As it’s so hard though, and I cover myself up so much and position the bike in front of the fire, it takes my body quite a while to cool down from it, so with that, a shower afterwards and trying to find enough gear and clothes to bring to work with me for two days (I stay in Tramore on a Wednesday night), and the mandatory couple of chapters of California Fire and Life, it was after midnight before I got to sleep. Not cool when you’re up before six, not cool at all.

One last thing. Don’t leave getting your work clothes ready  til the very last thing at night/first thing in the morning when you’re eyes are barely open, as you’ll look a twat, or even worse, like you’re on safari.


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