Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

In addition to recommendations for books on cycling/swimming/triathlons does anyone have any recommendations for triathlon specific podcasts? I have a three hour, 260km commute to endure every day and usually fill the time with podcasts. I listen to the Marathon Talk one from time to time but while very informative the guys can be just a little bit too chirpy to deal with at half six in the morning.

While we’re on the subject of podcasts, I’d really recommend them for listening to when out on longer runs or cycles. I’ll put a list of the ones I listen to below but new ones to add to the list are always welcome.








Just a little edit to say that you can ignore what I was saying about the Marathon Talk guys being too chirpy. While they undoubtedly are very chipper the real reason I wasn’t listening to the podcast was I was feeling very guilty about the lack of training I was doing, and listening to all the talk of interval sessions, long runs, PB’s and everything else associated with training and running was just a reminder of all the things I should have been doing and I wasn’t.

This morning I was back into it with episode 57 which was the first one I’ve listened to in a couple of months. Martin, Tom – my apologies. The mansuit has been dragged out of the back of the wardrobe and it’s all systems go again.


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