Day 10 – R&R

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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First of all big hello to all my new viewers and readers. The interest and good wishes are much appreciated.

So today the plan was to go out for a gentle recovery run, just to get the legs moving and the blood flowing again after yesterday’s exertions, and for once everything went according to plan.

It’s funny how your perception of something changes when you change your attitude or realign your goals – on Friday I was heading out to do a regular run, initially looking at doing between ten and twelve kilometres in 55-60 minutes so when I came home after only doing five and a half I was disgusted with myself. Tonight I did the same route as I did last Friday night, just under 5.5km around the town, but did it even slower, taking 36 minutes tonight and came home in a great mood. My wife (Brid) is training to do her first half marathon at the Kildare Marathon in May so when I go out to do my recovery run on a Monday she comes along to do her quick run for the week. We did most of the run at a nice, even pace but stepped it up slightly first for a kilometre and then for 500m towards the end. The plan is to get her to a sub-1 hour pace for the Phoenix Park 10k.

Everything’s always a bit hectic on a Monday, and especially today with it being the boys first day back in school, so a nice, easy run and a not so nice, not so easy session with my foam roller is just what the doctor ordered. Tomorrow though it’s back on the turbo trainer.


The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing


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