Day 5 – Not the Smartest Move

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

The days are slipping by pretty quickly already and I still haven’t been in the pool yet so I gave our friend, neighbour and all round good egg Benny a call and asked him if he’d head over with me to give me a few pointers. He was otherwise occupied but he rang me back and asked me if I’d be interested in playing some five a side soccer. Now, despite me coaching my eldest son’s soccer team for the last few years I haven’t actually played myself in years, so before I had time to think about it I jumped in and said yes. I had visions of a heroic performance, like a less skilled but supercharged Lucas Leiva charging around the pitch and astonishing everyone with my levels of fitness.

I had a rude awakening however less than five minutes in when I remembered that football fitness, especially five a side football fitness, and endurance racing/triathlon fitness really aren’t the same thing. To top it off I wore my incredibly uncomfortable astroturf runners that I haven’t worn in years and unsurprisingly they tore my feet up. I also gave myself a real scare about half an hour in over reaching for a ball and jarring my knee which saw me sheepishly scuttling off to the goals where I fretted for sometime that my challenge was up in smoke less than a week in. Thankfully all was well not long after and I finished the game relatively unscathed.

When I got home I wasn’t entirely sure if what I’d just done counted as my running for the day so to be sure I got the turbo trainer out and had a quick half hour session, which in retrospect was a slightly silly thing to do. Still, it was only half an hour and it surely it couldn’t hurt, could it?


DangerDoom – Sofa King


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