Day 3 – Turbo Time

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

It wasn’t too far into my first ever session on my turbo trainer that I realised my initial idea of doing two hours on it was extremely omptimistic (you may be detecting something of a theme here). What I had planned on doing was a five minute warm up in a very low gear, then up the gear after every five minutes with the last minute of each five going flat out. However after only twenty minutes, with my heart beating so fast it felt like it was trying to escape my chest I accepted that two hours just wasn’t going to happen.

As always I had the best of intentions. I had the house to myself so after a mere hour or so putting together the trainer, which admittedly would have been quicker had I not been reading the instructions for a model that I didn’t have, I parked it in front of the tv. For maximum Ironman Lanzarote effect I got the fire absolutely hopping and put on all my thermal winter gear (none of which I’d worn of course when I was actually cycling outside in the cold the day previously), covering myself from head to toe. I had the Liverpool/Man City game paused and ready to go and, like I mentioned earlier, the plan was to spend the duration of the game in the saddle. Unfortunately my resolve, or rather my fitness, remained intact about as long as Liverpool’s rearguard and before I knew it I was desperately watching the clock, hoping for my sake as much as my beloved team’s that it would all be over soon.

I’ve done two hour sessions on the bike before and obviously thought that I could accomplish something similar on the trainer but on the trainer there’s no breaks, no free wheeling and as soon as you stop putting in the effort the whole thing grinds to a halt. And unfortunately so did I at the forty five minute mark. I was a little annoyed that I hadn’t lasted longer but I really had given it everything I had and had put in far more effort than on the vast majority of the road cycles I’d been on previously. Once I accepted the fact that cycling on a turbo trainer is significantly different from cycling on the road and realigned my goals and objectives I was happy with the session. It’s going to be a brilliant training tool over the winter, allowing me to work on my stamina, my leg strength, my speed and my technique without spending hours out on the cold, wet, dark roads. Another plus point of the shorter sessions on the trainer is that I’ll (hopefully) be able to fit  some in before I leave for work in the mornings so despite my initial disappointment I actually go to bed a happy man, and strangely looking forward to more torturous sessions on the trainer.

Prodigy – Fire


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