Day 2 – A Gentle Reminder

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Who’d have thought it? Apparently a month of (mild) debauchery and conspicuous consumption can play havoc with your fitness levels.

This morning I went for a very gentle jog round my usual route with Brid and our youngest son Fionn accompanying us on his bike. I had initially planned on going out for a cycle early but seeing as Brid was going out for a run I said I’d go with them. Our usual route consists of a 2km run through the town and up to Moore Abbey woods and then as many laps as is required of the woods before returning home. A lap of the woods is 4km of nicely undulating trails and its where I do the majority of my running. Today it was just the one lap so all told that was 8km at pretty sedate pace.

After returning home I got some protein in to me in the shape of some scrambled eggs (eggs, wonderful eggs, the cornerstone of my new improved diet it should be said) before heading out for my first proper spin on my lovely new cyclocross bike. As I was wearing shorts when I was out running earlier I though I could get away with wearing shorts for the cycle, just throw on gloves and jacket (and helmet of course) and I’d be good to go. Two minutes in I realised that not only should I have worn the nicely insulated winter cycling gloves my mother bought me but that it was a big mistake sticking with the shorts. While I could move my hands around and eventually got some life, if not warmth, back in to my fingers, my legs were frozen from the knee down, culminating in me having ten little icicles where my toes should have been. Some winter cycling socks are definitely in order.

I did a 16km loop of the roads around Monasterevin before turning up into Moore Abbey woods once more to see just how capable my new bike was and I have to say it coped remarkably well. Better than I did anyway. Every uphill had me panting and sweating like a fat kid chasing an ice cream van on a sweltering summer’s day but at least I was warmer now. The woods were fuller than I’d ever seen them, good citizens of the town brimming with resolve and new year’s resolutions and after a lap I left them in peace and carried on my way, hitting a few canal paths and river banks before I returned home, flush faced, ruddy kneed and pretty knackered.

Bonobo – Days to come


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